Federated CPS Digital Innovation Hubs for the Smart Anything Everywhere Initiative

The overall ambition of the FED4SAE innovation action (IA) is to boost and sustain the digitization of the European industry by strengthening competitiveness in Cyber Physical Systems (CPS) and embedded system markets.

FED4SAE club launching day

To accelerate the digitization of the European Industry with access to the best technical, business & financial partners

January 21st, 2021, see https://www.blumorpho.com/fed4sae-innovation-club-day.html

FED4SAE is built upon the key learnings obtained in the EuroCPS, Gateone-project, CPSE Labs IAs. FED4SAE will leverage the best practices related to Third party engagement, submission, evaluation and selection of AEs. FED4SAE will give birth to a competitive ecosystem where European Startups, SMEs and Midcaps will thrive as they access to leading technology sources, competencies and industrial platforms and also to well-connected business infrastructures and existing regional innovation hubs.

Ongoing Projects

Our Goals


Enable both tech and non-tech innovative third parties (Startups, SMEs or Midcaps) from any sector to build new products and services with “digital inside”.


Act as a European added-value one-stop-shop to facilitate innovators-suppliers cross-border partnerships, which will accelerate innovation by providing technical, industrial and innovation management expertise.


Link innovators to investors to reach out to further funding opportunities and enable the next steps of the third parties’ developments after completing their application experiments.


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