Company info:

Name: Energica Motor Company SPA
Date founded: 2014
Number of employees:40
Location: Via Scarlatti 20 -41019 Soliera (MO), Italy

Energica Motor is the first Italian manufacturer of super sport electric motorcycles. Energica electric motorcycles are the ultimate expression of Italian luxury, masterfully manufactured in the Italian Motor Valley in Modena, Italy.


Innovation Management Partner:


Supporting the development of a LoRa based connectivity solution for remote battery status monitoring and reporting


Smart connectivity represents both a challenge and a huge market opportunity in the transportation sector, resulting in an increasing number of services, starting from ADAS and ITS that have been developed in the last two decades. In this context, MAMMUT (Monitoring Applications exploiting on-board Motorbike’s MUltiple Transceivers) objective is to implement a novel connectivity architecture with regards to electric two-wheelers, with the aim of increasing the service offer within the whole value chain of electric motorbikes, starting from vehicle to the riders.


MAMMUT looks to provide electric two wheelers with a whole connectivity range solution, maximizing the monitoring range in inactive periods while reducing operating costs of connectivity through inexpensive LoRa™ connectivity, while enabling data-intensive modules for dedicated applications and active riding times where vehicle’s main battery is enabled so as to increase the services related to V2X connectivity. Thanks to MAMMUT, Energica aims to provide:

  • Component and vehicle status tracking at idle times.
  • Plug-n-play device to support both isolated battery monitoring or vehicle monitoring to avoid that motorbikes/batteries are not charged during long period of time.
  • Battery/Vehicle monitoring system during transportation and/or long-term storage.
  • Support remote command requests to provide more control and flexibility.
  • Full integration of this service in the official Energica Motor Suite software (used also by our dealers network) for ease of use and fast diagnosis of critical vehicle situations by our Service and Development teams.
  • Massive Data Analysis on the recording to better understand the battery behaviour in a long term – real world usage.

FED4SAE Support

MAMMUT aims to roll out at low ROI the world-wide connectivity of motorbikes with the CMS of Modena performing an AE that enables the realization and validation of a low-cost and high-frequency monitoring applications for stationary vehicles (key-off status). To achieve this goal, among all the different technologies available in the FED4SAE project, MAMMUT will leverage on:

  • one industrial platform with add-on communication modules, the last STM32 platform announced by STMicroelectronics,
  • one testbed, the LoRa™ network of London supported by Digital Catapult, and
  • LoRa geo-localization technology provided by CSEM.


Developing and validating this type of connectivity board using LoRa has improved the safety during the charging section and during the night (vehicles with key off) inside the paddock of FIM MotoE™ World Cup. Thanks to the introduction of the connectivity Board, Energica has improved the safety and sold the connectivity board to racing teams.

In the future this connectivity board will be integrated in the commercial line of motorbikes to offer a wide range of applications and services.

Thanks to MAMMUT, Energica has developed a proof of concept for a market-ready product and a commercial plan. The demonstration has taken place in a real environment such as the LoRaWAN network across Greater London, as well as FIM MotoE™ World Cup.

Thanks to further introductions by Digital Catapult, and Blumorpho, Energica has had conversations with many more potential investors and partners, giving them access to a huge network of large and small businesses.