Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME), Department of Electron Devices

Postcode 1111
Country Hungary

Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME), Department of Electron Devices

The BME Department of Electron Devices (DED) is a worldwide renowned educational and research centre in microelectronics with special focus on Smart Systems integration and Multiphysics design and characterization. Its reputation in this field was fostered by participation in many international projects (more than 20 European projects), several of them concluded in spinoff companies. As such, BME DED has maintained excellent relationship with SMEs for decades, both in terms of creating spin-offs and supporting other SMEs with industrial R&D. The best known among them is the thermal design company MicRED is today a part of Mentor Graphics. Another enthusiastic team of researchers at the department formed the core design team of the first Hungarian picosatellite MASAT and later they span out as C3S (Complex Systems and Small Satellites) Ltd, which became an important player of the Central-European space technology sector, and as such, they are another success story of the department’s spin-off activity. Related to microfluidics, a new R&D field of the department a new spin-off, SpinSplit LLC was created recently.

In the last decade within the framework of the national projects TERALED and KOZLED the department supported local SMEs in their R&D activities leading to successful new products in solid-state lighting. The same kind SME support activity is continued as the department is one of the CPS/IoT design centers of H2020 EuroCPS project. In this framework the department provides coaching support for several SME projects from Hungary and from abroad.