fortiss GmbH

Address: Street GUERICKESTRASSE 25
Postcode 80805
Country Germany

fortiss GmbH

fortiss is the research institute of the Free State of Bavaria for software-intensive systems with headquarters in Munich. It has been founded in 2009 as a co-location center where practitioners work together with academic researchers for advancing research and for facilitating an accelerated transfer of ICT research results into industrial practice.

fortiss focusses on application-driven research for engineering open, cooperative, reliable, and secure cyber-physical systems for the market place. In close collaboration with industrial partners, fortiss conducts R&D projects in various application domains such as automotive, robotics and industrial automation, avionics, and business IT and cloud systems. In its role of a FED4SAE competence centre, fortiss provides expertise in a range of fields including model-based software and systems engineering, model-based synthesis, design space exploration, analysis and design of dependable systems, adaptive automation architectures, software engineering for industrial automation, and machine learning.

In the context of FED4SAE, fortiss builds on technical CPS platforms and engineering assets, with a specific focus on the smart manufacturing domain, and also provides coaching and consultancy on applying and developing machine learning techniques, e.g. deep learning, reinforcement learning, and computer vision, to solve engineering challenges.