Digital Catapult

Address: Street LEVEL 9 101 EUSTON ROAD
Postcode NW1 2RA
Country United Kingdom

Digital Catapult

The IoT team of the Digital Catapult has a background in collaborative R&D and entrepreneurship, bringing a mix of technology and business expertise to companies. We focus on driving the adoptions of IoT technologies by the market and enable digital transformation that results in real business benefits for business of all sizes.

Our activities help demand side stakeholders understand the value of IoT for their business and stimulate the generation of adequate solutions on the market.

We help adopters orient themselves on a rapidly growing market, taking together the first step so they gain confidence in the application of IoT technology to solve their business challenges with adequate return on investment. We also help supply side stakeholders to leverage emerging IoT technologies to bring more rapidly disruptive solutions to market that satisfy a real market demand.

Our activities include proof of concept deployments, provision of new technology testbeds, innovation support activities, end to end solution architecture, advice regarding component selection, use case testing and IoT service monetization.

For FED4SAE, our team focuses on stimulating innovation around new emerging IoT network technologies such as Low Power Wide Area networks. We offer access to both LORWAN testbeds and Sigfox network.

Digital Catapult can provide AE companies with high level contacts with large companies looking for CPS solutions as part of their digital transformation strategies, as well as with project management following an agile methodology. We can also assist SMEs with respect to selecting electronics manufacturers in the UK and follow on funding opportunities including investment.