TIME4PS – Fully integrated development tools for partitioned systems

Integrated time modelling for mixed criticality partitioned systems

Making the configuration and the deployment optimal

The main goal of the TIME4PS project was to provide a complete set of tools that covers all the phases of the life cycle of a product, from the system design to the final configuration file of the partitioned system:

  • Connect the customers’ modelling tool with Time4Sys
  • Give Time4Sys the ability to define partitioned systems
  • Connect Time4Sys and Xamber so the timing performance verification is automatically done in Xamber
  • Demonstrate the capabilities of the partitioned framework developed by means of an application experiment in the space domain.

Product development and FED4SAE support

Partnering with Thales Research and Technology, Time4PS consists of an architecture where three tools are connected to define the complete system: a modelling design tool (XPM) that is used to model the system and generate the deployment and the configuration code of the applications, Time4sys to define temporal information, and a configuration tool to obtain the planning and schedule for XtratuM according to the application real-time constraints (Xamber).

FED4SAE support and opportunity

This project contributed to scientific progress of software engineering for mixed criticality embedded real-time systems and it highlighted the increase in quality and effort savings obtained by using an integrated software development lifecycle supported by the appropriate tools.

Thanks to this solution, fentISS customers will be able to use more sophisticated tools for modelling, analysis, and integration of their system.


FentISS, S.L. is on the cutting-edge of the software technology for critical embedded systems making a continuous effort to offer customers safe and secure solutions for their critical applications in aerospace and other critical markets.

The software developed by the company is currently flying in more than 100 satellites as a key element of the spacecraft avionics system. Flight heritage is expected to grow beyond 1000 orbiting satellites over the next five years with challenging milestones for deep space missions to Mars and Jupiter.

‘This collaborative project promoted by FED4SAE has been a great opportunity for us to show fentISS’ great potential in software development and to empower our company to gain global competitiveness and innovation capacity. We fully trust in the great prospective of our solutions and we appreciate FED4SAE for doing so as well.’
(Paco Gómez Molinero, CTO of FentISS)


  • Team evolution: 14 people with a new CEO with entrepreneurial experience, 4 new people dedicated to non-technical activities and focused on business growth
  • Enhanced innovation capacity of fentiSS: Time4PS developed technology used as a starting point to improve the software development environment of fentiSS’s products
  • fentISS competitiveness: substantial increase in customer contact due to more than 15 conferences and follow-ups with leads
  • Scientific progress of software engineering for mixed criticality embedded real-time systems
  • Quality increase and effort savings obtained by using an integrated development lifecycle support by the appropriate tools

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Authors and Contributors: Thales, CEA, Digital Catapult, fentISS

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