FED4SAE Technologies, Platforms and Testbeds

The FED4SAE project brought together industrial platform providers, Digital Innovation Hubs (DIH) and business innovation companies to facilitate cross-border collaboration for strengthening European SMEs in developing competitive Cyber Physical Systems (CPS) and embedded solutions.

The project was built on best-of-breed practices or processes from earlier Smart Anything Everywhere (SAE) projects to support both tech and non tech SMEs to demonstrate, pilot and commercially launch new products and services with ‘digital inside’.

32 European companies received access to industrial platforms, advanced technologies and testbeds, technical expertise and innovation services during the 9-12 months projects.

Start your next innovative project with a FED4SAE technology, platform or testbed!

Advanced Technologies

Neural Network Dependability Kit (Fortiss)

A toolbox to support safety engineering of artificial neural networks.

π-Fab infrastructure (FhG)

π-Fab infrastructure, a continuous silicon CMOS and silicon carbide process line.

4Diac (Fortiss)

Infrastructure for distributed industrial process measurement and control.


Data Management Tools for engineering of Cyber-Physical Systems.

Advanced nanotechnology for chemical sensing (CSEM)

Nanotechnology for chemical sensing.

Advanced manufacturing/packaging (CSEM)

Advanced Manufacturing and Packaging (additive manufacturing + microfabrication).


Stretchable soft membranes that can be integrated on MEMS.


Peer to Peer low power medium access protocol for wireless communication.

Localization Solver (CSEM)

GPS free localization solver for any LoRa® / LTE-M / NB-IoT / WiFi / BT Network.

Hyper Vision (CSEM)

Intelligent Camera System for Hyperspectral Imaging.

VIP – Vision in Package (CSEM)

Vision in a Package / Intelligent Camera.

WiseDep (CSEM)

Robust low power wireless for safety-critical applications.


Ultra Low Power Wireless Sensor Network.

Sensinact Middleware (CEA)

IOT Device Management Platform.


IoT Device Management Middleware.

Sigma Fusion (CEA)

Automotive Sensor Fusion platform.

Industrial Platforms

Movidius Neural Compute Stick (Intel)

Movidius Neural Compute Stick delivers low power Computer Vision at the Edge.

Integrated and Open Development Platform (AVL)

Integrated and Open Development Platform for Automotive powertrain development.

TIME4SYS (Thales)

Timing Framework - System Modelling Framework for real-time embedded applications.

Compute Card (Intel)

Compute Card is a full 64 bit computer platform the size of a credit card.

WESU PLATFORM and X-Nucleo expansion boards (STM)

WESU the latest motion sensing tech for wearable or portable applications with iNEMO SIP sensors.

STM32 Platform (STM)

STM32 based boards with low power 32-bit MCU for small projects to entire platforms.


Energy Electronic Testbed

Smart Local Energy System for Industry.

Gas Sensor Testbed

Gas Sensor Test Activities

Corrosive Gases Testbed

Investigations of Corrosion Effects.

SmartCity Santander (UNICAN)

CPS Massive urban infrastructure in technology and service assessment.

Research Concept Vehicle (KTH)

Research Concept Vehicle - An Open Platform for Sustainable Transportation R&D.

Lorawan LPWan (DigiCat)

Low Power Wide Area Network based CPS solution.

Smart Home, Health and Transportation (CEA)

Smart Home, Health and Transportation Test beds.

Reliability testing capabilities (BME)

Harsh environment and systems integration reliability test environment.