How can companies participate in the FED4SAE project

FED4SAE takes a pragmatic approach to the definition of application experiments. These are innovative projects that address the challenges of CPS enabled IoT products and that demonstrate high potential in terms of competitiveness and growth. Each experiment will deliver a demonstrator and needs to show a substantial measurable economic and or strategic impact.

Application experiments make use of FED4SAE platforms and services to accelerate CPS development time. Each application experiment will be supported by our partners to provide the funding, to manage and monitor the experiment, get access and provide coaching that enables the utilization of our platforms, advanced technologies and testbeds offered in FED4SAE. Additionally, each third party will get unique support by the FED4SAE innovation management.

Experiment proposals should propose to develop innovative European CPS and embedded system products that use existing European Hardware and Software components and platforms to sustain the demand for EU manufacturing. Potential candidates will be selected if the funding can help them to:

  • Enhance profitability and growth performance by combining and transferring new and existing knowledge into innovative, disruptive and competitive solutions seizing European and global business opportunities.
  • Tackle specific challenges in a sustainable way by uptaking the market and distributing innovations.
  • Increase private investment in innovation, notably through private co-investments and/or follow-up investments in successfully supported third parties.
  • Obtain a clearly qualitative and quantitative substantiated impact (e.g. on turnover, employment, market size, IP management, sales, return on investment and profit).

Open Calls in FED4SAE

Startups, SMEs and Midcaps can participate in FED4SAE through three open calls.The third open call is now open and will close on March 05th 2019. More details about the open call can be found on our Open Calls page: Proposals can be submitted using our electronic submission system:

Why it is beneficial to participate

The application experiments selected by the FED4SAE project will be funded at a funding rate of 70% through a cascade funding that is reserved for this purpose. This budget will cover Software, preliminary study, first prototyping, etc. FED4SAE will not fund commercialization. Third parties will rely on existing clusters to extend their business at the European level as well as the innovation management serviced offered by the FED4SAE project. The total funding for each individual experiment can be up to 58.000 €.