Partner: CSEM
Advanced technology: WiseDep
Contact: Philippe Dallemagne
Phone: +41 32 720 55 21

WiseDep – Robust low power wireless for safety-critical applications

WHAT IS WiseDep?

WiseDep is a set of optional embedded software techniques and protocols implemented into WiseNET for building low-power, robust, reliable, real-time and secure wireless communication systems for harsh environments. It runs on miniature COTS hardware platforms or CSEM in-house optimised components, in various radio-frequency bands. It provides improved robustness to interference and security by design. Its reliability is increased by benefiting from self-reconfiguration and relaying capabilities provided by the routing layer.

It takes advantage of features from the physical layer properties and of the Medium Access Control characteristics.

WiseDep embraces:

  • Robustness to interference on RF channels
  • Support for channel and antenna diversity
  • Robustness to network node failure
  • Secure end to end transfer of data (AES-CCM)
  • Guaranteed transfer of data
  • Forward Error Correction
  • Adaptation of QoS to link quality
  • Automatic reconfiguration
  • Route diversity
  • Timeliness of data exchange


  • Intra-spacecraft communication
  • Aeronautics
  • Shipping industry
  • Automotive
  • Process automation
  • Industry 4.0
  • Biomedical monitoring
  • Implants
  • Wearables


  • Ultra-low power real-time operation
  • Robust wireless networking
  • Secure data transfers
  • Antenna, route and frequency diversity


  • improved robustness and reconfigurability by embedding component-based software architecture
  • fault tolerance
  • additional security schemes


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Contact: Philippe Dallemagne
Tel: +41 32 720 55 21