Partner: CSEM
Advanced technology: WiseNET
Contact: Philippe Dallemagne
Phone: +41 032 720 5521


A multi-hop wireless network for battery-operated devices and routers.

WHAT IS WiseNet?

WiseNET is a multihop wireless sensor and actuator network that combines low energy and low latency not only for the end nodes but also for the routers or “coordinators”. It is thus possible to operate with battery-powered routers and just use sensor nodes as routers. WiseNet does not require any setup and provides dynamic routing, management and remote software update. It has been used in numerous real-world deployments from agriculture, water management and safety to smart homes. WiseNet is available on COTS transceivers as well as on optimized CSEM SoCs.


  • A few years of operation on AAA Alcaline batteries
  • Full self-healing with automatic node and route discovery
  • Field proven through numerous deployments throughout Europe and over seas
  • Easy deployment: turn on, drop and configure remotely
  • Simple application layer supporting push and pull models
  • Optimized compact remote software update
  • Optional security supported by standards (AES-CCM)
  • Easily adaptable & configurable for your application
  • Optional additional robustness through multichannel operations
  • Optional clock synchronisation


  • Safety (e.g. ship evacuation, avalanche detection)
  • Building control & surveillance
  • Environment (e.g. water quality monitoring)
  • Agriculture (e.g. vineyards)
  • Smart homes / home automation
  • Asset tracking, people / patient monitoring and more…


  • Full battery operations (no need for access to mains)
  • Minimal configuration
  • Scalability to 1000s of nodes
  • Suited for high density networks
  • Low latency sensor configuration and actuator update
  • Support for IoT connectivity


  • Multi-hop publish-subscribe
  • Asynchronous (event based) protocol that exploits concurrent transmissions
  • Further energy consumption reduction for sensor nodes


Numerous publications and references in international journals and conferences.

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Contact : Philippe Dallemagne
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Tel : +41 032 720 5521