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Platform: Products and Technologies Living-lab
Contact: Isabelle CHARTIER
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Products and Technologies Living-Lab

The PTL: Products and Technologies Living-Lab aims to speed up the development and marketing of innovative products integrating advanced microelectronics technologies in emerging and strategic fields of Health, Housing and Transport, through the provision of technology platforms and involved expertise. The challenge of PTL is to develop real environments with technological bricks from the micro and nanoelectronics and offer a range of attractive services for products and services designers. It requires to set-up three technology platforms, from technology and solutions provided by the partners and founders of PTL:

  1. “Connected House” to confront communicating electronic devices and communication networks inside buildings in a real situation of interoperability of current heterogeneous systems. This platform is specifically devoted to energy efficiency and intelligent home control applications. One scenario investigated is especially focused on comfort management and of energy cost efficiency based on control of heating, air conditioning and ambience with sensors connected to heating and cooling system, motion detectors, temperature sensors and smart scheduling systems.
  2. “Connected Transport” to assess the contribution of micro and nanoelectronics in transport especially in vehicles to improve safety and mobility. PTL offers a pluggable stretch of road with street furniture and technical and control rooms. Various scenarios could be played thanks to instrumented crossroads, connected traffic lights and electronic systems. For example, a surveillance installation for monitoring traffic based on variable traffic signs or variable message signs (VMS) to display traffic information and management or lane control could be tested easily. Another situation takes an interest in active and passive park assist systems to help drivers find or reserve a near parking place especially through smart systems connecting cars to the city and visual signs based on totem concept.
  3. “Home Health” to retrieve and merge information from environmental, physiological and activity sensors, and send higher-level information through available communication networks to improve safety, comfort and autonomy. One of the main proofs of concept exhibits an elderly flat instrumented with major communication protocols (KNX, enOcean, Bluetooth, ZigBee…) and middlewares (sensiNact, OpenHab…) to enable interconnection and interoperability of devices and services.

The customers of this service have access to (1) tools and platforms to design their products, (2) testing and simulation resources to assess the relevance of the concepts, the performance of chosen solutions and robustness of their development, and (3) high-level expertise to support identification of technological, strategic and/or statutory constraints and leeway in application sectors of health, transport and housing.

PTL builds, enhances and provides access to sustainable platforms of functional interconnected solutions integrating the technologies provided by partners and founders, in order to facilitate their access and adoption by future users and customers.

The key aim of the PTL is to emerge as a benchmark center for “smart cities”. PTL brings together technological solutions ready to be deployed in the context of large-scale experiments carried by public or private actors.

The strength of the PTL is to provide various large-scale test environments, whether indoors or outdoors with the opportunity to have access to high-tech equipment such as a channel emulator or placing antennas up in these different environments

Field of expertise and market domains


  • IoT and data management
  • Safety and security: hardware security, cybersecurity, privacy management, protection against attacks
  • Interconnection of complex systems, interoperability


  • Co-conception with all stakeholders of the value chain
  • Functional assessment of IoT system

Application domains:

  • Active and Healthy Ageing
  • Autonomy & Handicap
  • Work and occupational health
  • Smart living, Smart building

Facilites of the mini smart village

A mini smart Village in a secure and closed environment (CEA site) dedicated to experimentation in the fields of Health, Housing and Transport:

  • A room dedicated to experimentation in the fields of Active and Healthy Ageing (AHA), Ageing in place and Building Automation (SILVER LAB Project)
  • A nursing home room (EHPAD like) dedicated to experimentation in the field of Ageing in institution (ACTIVAGE Project)

Communication material

Pitch sentence: Develop innovative products and services, assess and validate their technological performance in realistic environment

Mini smart Village

PTL CEA- IRT Nanoelec testbed : a smart village for IoT services testing


SILVER LAB: Early and automatic detection of functional decline and frailty in the elderly.

  • Activity monitoring & Behavioral models
  • Risk detection (falls, functional decline…)
  • Security for IoT at Home :
  • Communication security (radio)
  • Privacy respect & Personal data confidentiality
  • Usages driven design, development and assessment
  • Business models (Senior residence)


Part of the IoT Large Scale Pilot Focus Area.

Nursing home room with bedroom and bathroom

  • IoT sensors
  • Security
  • IoT PF Interoperability

Services Co-Conception with all stakeholders

  • return home safely after an hospitalization
  • improve comfort and safety in care facility
  • improve professional caregivers actions efficiency


IRT Nanoelec:

Part of the EIT HEALTH Living Lab Network:

Activage Project:

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Grenoble – France