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Advanced technology: Advanced manufacturing/packaging
Contact: Sébastien Lani
Phone: +41 032 720 5535

Advanced manufacturing/packaging

Smooth and vertical surfaces

High design flexibility

Conductive ink deposition on 3D molded surfaces

Open fluidic package with silicon based micro porous membrane

Closed fluidic package demonstrating liquid tightness with no glue

MEMS overmoulding with integrated electrical leads

Combination of additive manufacturing and microfabrication

WHAT IS our technology

Combination of several 2/3 D printing technologies with microfabricated elements

  • UV stereolithography (UV SLA):
  • UV polymerization of a liquid resin by projection of patterns (layers) generated with a DLP projection system
  • Layers from 5 to 100μm
  • Minimum object size: 50μm (polymer hard)
  • Accuracy from 10 to 20μm
  • Material: polymer, ceramic (SiO2 based and SiC)
  • Build volume: up to 102 x 57.5 x 120mm3
  • Printing on substrate possible
  • Alignment camera

Fuse Filament Fabrication (FFF)

  • Printing of fused polymer like extrusion
  • Large variety of polymer: PET, ABS, PLA, PVA, nylon, composites (ceramics, conductive, magnetic…), fiber reinforced polymer (carbon, glass fiber)
  • Minimum layer of 20μm. Typical layer thickness comprised between 60 and 100μm
  • Minimum wall thickness of 0.5 to 0.8mm
  • Printing on substrate possible

Aerosol Jet Printing

  • Aerosol-jet printer system AJ-300 from Optomec
  • Table 300 x 300 mm2 (+/- 6 micron accuracy)
  • Heated vacuum platen
  • 2 atomizers: Pneumatic (PA) and Ultrasonic (UA)
  • Nozzles from 150μm to 1mm
  • Alignment camera
  • Deposition of liquid solution from 1 to 1000cP

Hybrid platform

  • 2 FFF head
  • Droplet dispensing
  • Syringue dispensing
  • UV LED
  • IR laser


For Smarter components and System Integration

  • 3D electrical connections
  • Integrated sensors
  • Identification or decoration
  • Shock or vibration absorbers
  • Smart prosthesis and implant
  • Antenna
  • Microfluidics and bioreactors

What’s new?

Alignment possibilities with MEMS.


Complete system integration.


Several publications and references in international journals and conferences


Contact: Sébastien Lani
Tel: +41 032 720 5535