Advanced technologies

Neural Network Dependability Kit (Fortiss)

A toolbox to support safety engineering of artificial neural networks.

π-Fab infrastructure (FhG)

π-Fab infrastructure, a continuous silicon CMOS and silicon carbide process line.

4Diac (Fortiss)

Infrastructure for distributed industrial process measurement and control.


Data Management Tools for engineering of Cyber-Physical Systems.

Advanced nanotechnology for chemical sensing (CSEM)

Nanotechnology for chemical sensing.

Advanced manufacturing/packaging (CSEM)

Advanced Manufacturing and Packaging (additive manufacturing + microfabrication).


Peer to Peer low power medium access protocol for wireless communication.

Localization Solver (CSEM)

GPS free localization solver for any LoRa® / LTE-M / NB-IoT / WiFi / BT Network.

VIP – Vision in Package (CSEM)

Vision in a Package / Intelligent Camera.

WiseDep (CSEM)

Robust low power wireless for safety-critical applications.


Ultra Low Power Wireless Sensor Network.

Sensinact Middleware (CEA)

IOT Device Management Platform.


IoT Device Management Middleware.

Sigma Fusion (CEA)

Automotive Sensor Fusion platform.