Silicon Impulse (CEA)

This advanced technology is ARCHIVED. Proposals cannot select this advanced technology for the 3rd call.


Partner: CEA
Advanced technology: Silicon Impulse
Contact: Pierre-Damien BERGER
Web: Silicon Impulse Web

Silicon Impulse

The one-stop-shop for ultra-low power design!

Unique design flow and IP expertise to leverage the advantages of FD-SOI know-how from IC design through embedded software to deliver a complete system solution.

The Silicon Impulse program was set up as a one-stop shop for developing advanced technologies, demonstrators and products. Manufacturers and other industrial companies can access the program to reduce the cost of integrating advanced FDSOI technologies into their products.

Unique in Europe, CEA Tech institutes Leti and List, operating in cooperation with their partners, provide businesses with consultancy services, easy access to ultra-low-power FDSOI advanced technology nodes, architecture emulation, design know-how in mixed digital-analog and RF ICs as well as broad selection of generic, commercial, and proprietary IPs, industrial testing and validation of small production runs, and technology and process transfer to user production facilities.

ARM M0+ core on 28nm FDSOI technology


For more information, please contact:

Pierre-Damien BERGER
CEA Grenoble, France


This advanced technology is ARCHIVED. Proposals cannot select this advanced technology for the 3rd call.


Partner: CSEM, Switzerland
Advanced technology: Soft MEMS
Contact: Guy Voirin
Phone: +41 032 720 5152


Development of a fully soft sensor

WHAT IS our technology

Stretchable soft membranes that can be integrated on MEMS structure to realize:

  • Platform for direct measurement of movements and forces of individual cells
  • Platform to measure Young’s modulus of a confluent cell layer
  • Strain gauge integrated in soft membrane
  • Si sensors/electronics integrated into soft membranes
  • Actuator based on SI or LTCC (Low Temperature Co-fired Ceramics) technologies with PDMS (Polydimethylsiloxane) micro valves.

CellStrates Project


  • Strechable membranes for study of cell’s mechanics
  • Monitoring of cell traction
  • Measurement tool at CellStrates (
  • Interactive refreshable graphical display for tactile applications (Braille like display)
  • Artificial skin with flexible metal interconnections and strain gauge for miniature tactility sensors and haptic applications

Braille like display project

What’s new?

  • Implanted strain sensor into stretchable membrane
  • Hermetic sealing between soft and hard material


A fully integrated components with sensors, actuators based on stretchable soft membrane to develop a glove with articicial sensitive skin.


Sorba, F. and Martin-Olmos, C., 2018. High resolution polymer coated strain sensors for in-liquid operation. Microelectronic Engineering, 191, pp.38-41.


Contact: Guy Voirin,
Contact: Cristina Martin-Olmos,

Hyper Vision (CSEM)

This advanced technology is ARCHIVED. Proposals cannot select this advanced technology for the 3rd call.


Partner: CSEM
Advanced technology: Hyper Vision
Contact: Andrea Dunbar
Phone: +41 032 720 5069

Hyper Vision

Intelligent Camera System for Hyper-spectral Imaging.


CSEM offers a hyperspectral imaging system based on a new idea of light-field imaging. With low cost, the hypercube resolution of the camera is offering best-in-class performance. Also, the camera has a modular structure which enables us to easily customize it for different applications and environments. It offers flexibility in spatial resolution and in spectral channels.


Number of Spectral Channels 54 (customizable)
Wavelength Range (nm) 450 – 880 (customizable)
Spectral Resolution (nm) 12
Cube Resolution (pixel) 280 × 280 × 54 (customizable)
Detector Type Si CMOS
Shutter Type Global Shutter
Camera Interface USB 3.0


  • Process control
  • Medical diagnostics
  • Precision agriculture
  • Food quality

What’s new?

  • Modular system
  • Customizable spatial resolution
  • Customizable number of channels
  • Customizable wavelength range
  • Adaptive: ability to trade spatial and spectral resolution
  • Machine learning for information extraction and classification


  • Tailoring the camera for specific applications by using only the spectral channels that are relevant for each application. This is possible due to modularity and high customizability of the design.
  • Miniaturizing the camera to be portable on the drones
  • Embedding the machine learning unit for binocular-type applications.


  • 2 patent applications

VIDEO Overview

Link to video:


Contact : Andrea Dunbar
Email :
Tel : +41 032 720 5069

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Open Calls

Accelerating European CPS Solutions to Market
Federated CPS Digital Innovation Hubs for the Smart Anything Everywhere Initiative

Third open call for Application Experiments – Up to €58K funding, technical and business coaching available to support European companies to develop smart applications.

Through the Smart Anything Everywhere initiative, the European Commission is helping digitize European industry. FED4SAE is part of this strategy, targeting a large network of ‘small’ companies (startups, small/medium enterprises and midcaps), including both technology specialists and low-tech companies.

We are looking for companies that want to:

  • Develop novel and innovative smart solutions to take a leading position in their target markets.

  • Use the most advanced technologies and industrialized solutions to link the physical world with the virtual world in combining hardware and software expertise.

  • Gain premium access to resources, competencies and reduce development time.

  • Enter into a unique European ecosystem gathering leading industrial companies, world-class research organizations, innovation accelerators and private investors.

To do this, FED4SAE offers companies:

  • Product support via industrial platforms – existing products provided by market leaders (AVL, Intel, ST and Thales) – in the domain of cyber-physical and embedded systems that can bring the innovation to a state of maturity.

  • Technical expertise via advanced platforms by RTOs (BME, CSEM, Digital Catapult, Fraunhofer IISB, fortiss, KTH, Unican) – either innovative technical solutions or testbeds – which will add value to the product.

  • Innovation management – focusing on business – to help your innovation get to the market via the FED4SAE and the Smart Anything Everywhere ecosystem.

  • Up to €58,000 in funding – representing 70% of the declared budget in your proposal.

FED4SAE welcomes proposals addressing one of our focus areas (described below) or any other smart application domain (mobility, city, health & well-being, industry, agriculture, food, etc.). They shall be pan-European, allowing awarded companies to collaborate cross-border with the providers of our industrial and advanced platforms. FED4SAE is already supporting 16 projects with SMEs coming from all over Europe and is looking forward to granting 15 additional experiments.

If you have a promising idea for an innovative solution, we will help you get it to market – do not miss this opportunity and apply to our open call to develop your innovative solution! Register in our portal and contact one of our networking partners now who will be pleased to help you in submitting your proposal and finding the right industrial platforms, advanced technologies or testbeds that best suit your needs!

Important guidance on our process, rules and the offered technologies and platforms can be found on our website and in our Guide for Applicants.

Through our open calls, FED4SAE provides a unique marketplace organized as a one-stop-shop with access to leading edge industrial platforms along with access to several advanced technologies and testbeds as well as support through expertise, know-how, coaching, design support and tech transfer from our partners.

FED4SAE welcomes proposals addressing any smart application domain (mobility, city, health & well-being, industry, agriculture, food, etc.) involving both advanced and industrial platforms. Additionally, in the 3rd open call FED4SAE is introducing three dedicated focus areas to encourage the development of CPS and embedded systems solution in fields presenting growth opportunities in Europe and to support highly innovative experimentation:

  • Artificial Intelligence and Software-Oriented projects

  • Smart Cities and Smart Infrastructure projects

  • Smart Sensor projects

In order to cover the envisaged range of topics in the supported Application Experiments, an accompanying indicative percentage of selected experiments per focus area is given below. The FED4SAE consortium keeps the right to modify the final distribution, so that priority will be given to the best proposals in the areas of CPS and embedded systems in the targeted focus areas and domains.

FED4SAE offers several different leading edge industrial platforms:

Application Experiments can run from 9 to 12 months, but in any case have to be completed by 31.08.2020. The expected outcome of our Application Experiments is a demonstrator prototype with high technology readiness level (TRL). The prototype may also be used as a first generation product.

Interested European startups, SMEs and mid-Caps are encouraged to review details of our platforms, technologies and testbeds on and contact our project members to find out more:

Focus Area: Artificial Intelligence and Software-Oriented projects
Indicative percentage of selected Experiments: 40 – 50 %

FED4SAE’s Artificial Intelligence and Software oriented projects are can rely on the industrial platforms

in conjunction with extensive coaching for these platforms.

Alternatively, they can use any of our industrial platforms (including TIME4SYS and IODP) in combination with the advanced technologies

Focus Area: Smart Cities and Smart Infrastructure projects
Indicative percentage of selected Experiments: 30 – 40 %

FED4SAE’s Smart Cities and Infrastructure projects are relying on a combination of one of our industrial platforms with the testbeds

Focus Area: Smart Sensor projects
Indicative percentage of selected Experiments: 20 – 30 %

FED4SAE’s Smart Sensor projects are relying on a combination of one of our industrial platforms with the advanced technologies or testbeds:

Third open call for Application Experiments

Call opening: Dec 4th 2018
Call deadline: March 5th 2019, 5pm (Brussels Time)
Call acceptance: Apr 25th 2019
Call identifier: FED4SAE03 call
Proposal language: English

Web page (full call text/proposal guidelines/standard agreement):
Email address (information):

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  • A guide is available: guide for applicants. It contains a template for the proposal and general explanations about the proposal generation and evaluation process.
  • The standard agreement is here, PDF and DOCX.
  • The NDA agreement is here, PDF and DOCX.
  • A checklist to maximize the chances for success can be downloaded here.
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